Haley offers weekly individual lessons as well as frequent group workshops. 




Quincy, MA

Haley teaches private harp lessons Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays at her home studio in Quincy MA.

Sample Lessons



She is a lovely young professional, very caring, sensitive, enthusiastic and sweet. More importantly, she is exacting and demanding in such a gentle way. I just loved my lesson and can’t wait to go back next week and learn more... Thanks again, I am the luckiest harp student on the planet to have such a wonderful teacher.
— Janet
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned advanced harpist, Haley offers extraordinary teaching and is an inspiration to all who know her. It is rare to find someone who is as gifted in her artistry and creativity in music as she is in her teaching. Haley has developed her own unique techniques to highlight the myriad possibilities in harp playing. Lessons are downright fun, and she will take you to places you never imagined! Learn to sing and play, learn to compose, learn some music theory - you are so lucky to find this young and rising star with a loving heart and a stellar future ahead of her.
— Marcie
Haley is such a kind, positive person and teacher and she knows how to encourage and challenge her students. She constantly helps students find opportunities to perform and participate in the music community. She understands what students want yet also what is necessary for them to achieve their goals. I have learned so much about music since starting harp lessons because Haley goes beyond the notes, encouraging students to learn about the composers of the pieces they work on and the conductors of the ensembles they participate in, and also to see patterns in music. She also shares interesting historical tidbits during lessons and has unique, memorable ways to teach about tricky rhythms and fingerings. I am truly grateful for everything that Haley has done for me, from reviving my love of music to coming to try harps with me, and for her support and positivity. I know for a fact that I would not be the harpist or musician that I am today if I didn’t have Haley as a teacher!
— Hannah
Haley, you made it all work with your ceaseless patience, energy, availability, and clear joy in the music you share. Your ability to offer different paths to understanding and remembering is such a wonderful teaching ability.
— Melody